CRUSHING HARD / Black & White

We’re very into contrast at the moment, specifically the intensity and aggression between black and white in an interior. The two opposites of the colour spectrum – Dark vs light, heavy vs airy, aggressive vs calm… You can’t have one without the other, just like you can’t know shadow without the light. These two elements together create a visual tension, which is why we find it so interesting. Here are our favourite examples of this fine balance between black and white.


Staircase in the Moore Park Residence in Toronto, Canada by Drew Mandel Architects.


Kitchen in “Maja” – a house designed for the Housing Fair in Finland by Finnish decoration magazine Deko in collaboration with the residents.


Kitchen in a home in Pabianice, Poland by Tamizo Architects. Photo by Mateusz Kuo Stolarski.


Bathroom in the Normanby home by Whiting Whiting Architects. Photo by Thomas Dalhoff

Washington Post Hqs Interior Design

Washington Post HQ in Washington D.C by Gensler. Photo by Garrett Rowland.


Richmond Residence by Nixon Tulloch Fortey Architecture